Tuesday, March 25, 2014

14th Annual National Juried Cup Show


I was recently accepted as one in 40 participants in a national cup show! The exhibit is going on now through April 5th at Kent State's School of Art Gallery and the cup is for sale through the gallery.

I barely made the deadline to submit, but after speaking with Anderson Turner he assured me that they had not started the jury process and I could still apply. I am very excited and honored my cup made it in the show!

The juror is potter and artist Jake Allee from Colorado. You can see his work here.

Curious about which piece made it in? I knew you were. Don't worry, here it is:

This is a dark glazed cup made from stoneware clay. The glaze is temmoku and has a tall foot.
Iron Cup: Temmoku cup or yunomi with pedestal foot.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Homemade Caramels!

Mmm...who doesn't enjoy homemade goodies, especially when that goody is a chocolate salted caramel?!

I recorded the making process so that YOU TOO could make these delicious delicacies. They are not hard, contrary to popular belief. They do take some dedication though, which is spent stirring at the stove for about 45 minutes. BUT! BUT! Before you check out, know that a full batch of caramels makes a large candy load and that you won't be disappointed with the flavor or chewiness of these caramels. They are not as oily as I have found with other recipes, either.

So, without further ado, i present a hastily crafted How to Make Homemade Caramels video tutorial.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Sale is this weekend!

Dear readers,

I cordially invite each and every one of you to come to my annual Christmas pottery sale!

Here is a sneak peek to what you may find hiding amongst the many fine pots for sale this year.

Be there or be square!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A recent firing

Some recent work coming at ya.

These handles turned out very sexy. Temmoku is a wonderful glaze.

Puttin' out more eye candy in hopes you are motivated to attend my Christmas Pottery Sale! It's coming up soon, December 7th and 8th!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Pottery Sale!

The annual Christmas sale is coming upon us! Just like last year, I will be showing with three other great Minnesota potters. The location is different this year--we are in Shoreview, just 10 minutes north from the heart of the Twin Cities. 

We are gearing up and getting our ducks in a row preparing for the big sale. There is a BONUS this year! The first 10 people to make a purchase get a free pot! WOOO! So prewarm your vehicles, make yourself some hot cocoa and head on over Saturday, December 7th to get in on the action! Even if you can't make the chaos in the beginning on Saturday, we will be hosting the sale through Sunday, December 8th until 4pm with plenty of snacks and your favorite people.

A cup from a recent firing. Photo taken at the family farm.
This past weekend we were at the farm celebrating my ma-in-law's birthday and I brought one of my favorite cups from a recent firing. I wanted to photograph it for the postcard above (I know, it doesn't look anything like it anymore). The glaze came out beautifully and the cup is a nice quiet form, which is fitting in this scenic picture. Just thought I'd share it with you. 

Don't forget to put the sale dates on your calendars! December 7th from 10am-6pm and December 8th from 10am-4pm. See you there!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Recent Studio Work

My wife gave me the day off from watching Paxton so I could work on pottery! Not happy with some other mugs I had made earlier, I threw some more mugs and added in some bowls for kicks.

Bowls upside down to dry. There are a lot of fun things happening with this batch!

Mugs freshly handled. Want to see how? Watch here.

This bowl has some interesting marks. Can't wait to see it finished!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to make a Hakeme brush

So I visually mowed the city's lawn looking for the perfect grass to use in these brushes. It takes a lot more grass than I thought it would. And picking off all those grains at the tips was a little annoying. However, it produced a good working brush for hakeme and the effort and sliver were well worth it. If you don't know what Hakeme is, check out this post!

You need to prep the grass by picking off the grains on the ends and cutting the pieces about the same length.

Here it is, step by step:

Gather the grasses and make sure the tips are on the same side. 
I separated mine into three sizes to help with shaping.
Stack the three piles on top of one another and make the bottom even.
I recommend using a rubber band to keep the pieces in place for wrapping a handle.
Wrap the grass tightly with string or small rope. I used leftover hemp I had on hand.
Trim the ends so the brush looks pleasing to you!
I made two! The extra string length enables me to hang them to dry.

There! Now you too can make a hakeme brush for your pots! Huzzah!